Best Lenses For Video Recording

Best Lenses For Video Recording

Needless to say, but when recording a video, we must also pay attention to the lenses we use! So many newbie filmmakers and videomakers think it is about the camera! Still, this is true, to an extent. In the recent years when every smartphone already has a powerful camera, the attention has mainly shifted to the video editing software as well as lenses which help make better videos and tell better stories. This is why we have decided to speak a little bit more about lenses which we can use for video making and video recording to get better results.

Affordable Video Lenses

In addition to that, we all know that video equipment is a joy to use and to buy. However, it is not always inexpensive. On the contrary, video equipment is usually costly, so to be able to make great videos, you must also be prepared to spend more than just a little bit of money.


The affordable video lenses that are at the same time amazing and give the best results are not easy to find, which is why the information that you will find in this text is simply precious. Make sure you avoid cheap glass and look at the lenses below which will certainly give splendid results.

1. Helios 58mm F2.0

This amazing camera lens will improve your video making experience, and what is more important it is amazing, and it is not that expensive. So if you want to get the best results, or if you are unwilling to spend too much money on a video lens, make sure you get Helios!

  • helios-44-2
  • Know as the 44-2
  • M42 Mount
  • M42 Screw to EOS Adapter

sony-16mm2. Nikon 35-70mm F3.5 AI

The Nikon lenses are simply amazing, but what is even more important that they are easy to mount! I would recommend this particular lens to any beginner, as well as to video makers who are seasoned and experienced. This video lens will improve the video, and it will provide amazing results.

  • nikon-35-70
  • Nikon F Mount

3. Olympus 50mm F1.8

This video lens is also affordable and easy to use! If you are looking for something which will quickly improve the quality of your videos and that will not take away too much of your resources, this is a great option! There are also many other lenses which you could use, but this one is one of my favorites due to the simple use and great effects.

  • om-50
  • OM Mount
  • OM to EOS Adapter
  • Honorary Mention: 50mm F1.8 FD Lens


If you have anything, you would like to add and if you have any lens you would like to recommend, make sure you do so in the comment section below! We would be more than glad to hear about your experiences with lenses and if your input can help someone else even better! Share your experiences with these or some other lenses in the comments, thank you!