Now you can enhance your body building and weight lifting with the help of a product made to keep your energy and stamina together. This is Niacin Max and it is a unique formula that goes beyond where any other vitamin can.

Niacin Max is a specially formulated supplement that melts in your mouth and supplies your body with an exceptional blend of vitamin B3 and thiamine Take it before a workout and your body has more oxygen pumping through the blood. You will also feel the thiamine pulse through your brain giving your muscles the boost of energy they need to perform consistently.

Many body builders are familiar with how niacin works. They want to take it in just the right amounts to get that rush of energy and power that comes with a proper dose.

This special formula has been shown to raise HGH levels by over 500 percent. That means that while your body has the energy to perform it also has the ability to burn fat like never before. The niacin in this supplement helps increase the red blood cells in your body, too.

What is more, this can help your body recover following an intense workout. You will find that once your workout is complete you can focus better because of the oxygen flowing to your brain. You get a long-lasting ability to focus on other things long after your workout is done.

The unique manner in which the niacin is delivered in Niacin Max makes it way more effective than other forms of it. You could take a traditional niacin pill and experience virtually no change in your energy and focus. Make sure to get the authentic product and take it exactly as directed for best results. Your workout will result in you getting the toning you have always wanted.